Supremo Catalan Mini Modular with Firepit

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Keep your family and friends comfortable and cosy whilst dining or lounging with drinks and snacks with this Catalan Lounge Dining Set With Firepit. A stunning combination of lounge and dining that's guaranteed to take your entertaining up a notch and is the perfect way to enjoy your garden through the day well into the night. The set features a large sofa, 2 armchairs and two footstools for additional seating. The set also includes an ultra-modern Granite fire pit table. The Catalan weave sets are made using sturdy aluminium frames and hand woven with 13mm crescent rattan interwoven with 8mm twin-weave in Pebble Grey. Complementary ergonomic curves for greater comfort with a deep double piped seat pad in Urban Black make the perfect combination.

The Catalan Fire Pit range is a weave collection, perfect for entertaining, no matter the weather.  Unlike other garden furniture, the Catalan range combines classic weave with the contemporary functions of Supremo’s outdoor fire pits. You will no longer have to worry about stopping the entertaining once the sun goes.  Supremo has developed the Supreme Airbrushed glass in Granite grey to compliment the modern stainless steel fire pits, elevating your garden aesthetics to a whole another level. The glass is tempered toughened safety glass, giving you peace of mind.  The Catalan sets are hand woven with 13mm crescent rattan interwoven with 8mm twin-weave in Pebble grey. Complementary ergonomic curves for greater comfort with a deep double piped seat pad in Urban Black. 

The key-feature of this range is the spectacular gas fire pit table which not only offers plenty of space to gather your nearest and dearest but adds something unique to the furniture that adds an exceptional ambience to your garden and allows you to make use of the furniture even on the cooler evenings.  Supremo’s gas fire pit tables work with Patio Gas bottles; these are the green bottles filled with propane. It is important to get a Patio Gas bottle as this is compatible with the clip-on regulator we supply with our systems. We advise that only a 5kg bottle can be used with Supremo fire pits as this fits inside the table.

Our fire pit systems are CE Certified and manufactured using high grade stainless steel ensuring they are weatherproof and made to the highest quality. The system used in this particular set is rated at over 40,000 BTUs and provides ample heat, light and ambience for the surrounding area.  We estimate that on full power, you will get approximately 4 consistent hours of burn time from this fire pit. However, you will be able to run the fire pit for longer on a lower heat setting which you can control easily via the handy control panel. 

Due to the fragile nature of the glass, we recommend removing the glass surround and storing in a safe place when not in use. Supremo Leisure Ltd cannot be held liable for any damages or breakages due to product negligence.


  • Set includes a Catalan 3-Seater Lounge Seat, 2 Catalan Lounge Chairs, 2 Catalan Footstools and a Rectangle Fire Pit Table
  • Pebble Grey Weave, Granite Painted Glass Table top and Urban Black Fabric
  • UV & Frost resistant
  • High strength, powder coated aluminium frame
  • Lightweight and rust resistant aluminium frame
  • Piezo flame ignition system
  • Leave the furniture hardware outside 365 days a year
  • Control panel for variable flame control
  • Easy care and low maintenance
  • Suitable for 5kg Patio Gas
  • CE Certified
  • Stainless Steel Fire Pits
  • Supreme Airbrushed Glass
  • Recyclable weave
  • Summer-proof cushions
  • 2-years manufacturer’s warranty – please read the warranty details carefully


Lounge Sofa: H89cm x W140 x D84 

Lounge Chair: H89cm x W69.5 x D84 

Footstools: H40cm x W38 x D38 

Fire Pit Table: H67cm x W110 x D110 

Firepit system:11.8KW/0.293=40000btus



Regular cleaning is important as it keeps away the chances of any infestation or damage to the furniture. Not cleaning it properly can harbour mould and bacteria growth, both of which can lessen the life span of the furniture and cause issues with the framework.

Here are some basic cleaning steps for your Supremo Outdoor Weave Furniture

1. Make use of a soft brush to clean out any dust, or debris (food particles) you might find on the furniture piece. Ensure the bristles of the brush are soft and not abrasive as it would damage the furniture.

2. A pair of tweezers could work well when you want to get rid of dirt from harder-to-reach places like crevices or in between the weaves. Take care when using tweezers, to not damage or catch the weave as this may break or snap the weave.

3. Supremo furniture can be washed with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue. NEVER use a pressure washer to clean your furniture, as this could damage the weave.

4. Once in a month, wipe your Supremo garden furniture with a soft damp cloth or warm soapy water. 

5. After you are done washing the furniture, leave them to dry in a well-ventilated area.

6. A suitable glass cleaner and soft cloth can be used to buff the glass.

7. Cushions are hand-wash only and are zipped for easy removal. Any spillages should be removed with a damp cloth. Please refer to the care label for instructions. To keep your cushions looking pristine, we recommend storing them away when not in use. NEVER machine wash or tumble dry the covers.

8. Although it is not essential, to prolong the life of the furniture, store it away during the winter months. We have a range of Supremo covers that can be used which have been specifically designed to keep the elements away and allow air to circulate through a Supremo breathable vent system.

9. Do not place extremely hot or cold products directly onto the surface. A trivet or placemat should be used.

Supremo Ltd –Stainless Steel Gas Powered Firepit Aftercare:

Cleaning of the actual gas firepit should be conducted annually for safety and operational purposes as well as checking all pipes, batteries and controls every month to ensure there are no visible issues or deterioration that could affect the firepit's function. To help out, we’ve put together the Supremo® essential firepit care guide. 

Here are some basic cleaning steps for your Supremo Firepit Table:

1. Check All Key Components

As your firepit is made up of a series of components, look out for any damage, rust, or debris to any of the garden furniture set. Look for any damage to the supply gas line- dents, kinks, cuts, abrasions that could lead to failure. Inspect the main control valve and the gas lines connecting it to the burner orifice. Check for any blockages, and clean or repair as needed.

2. Give Your Fire Pit A Deep Clean

Give the burner itself a good cleaning to make the stainless steel shine. A simple solution of soap and water will do the trick, with time for it to air dry. Stainless steel cleaner can also be used to give your firepit an extra shine, please make sure the solution is dry before lighting.

3. Cleaning The Supremo AC Inlay Glass

Supremo® AC Inlay is low maintenance and should not require any fancy techniques or expensive cleaning products. Most stains can be removed with water and ordinary, gentle dishwashing detergent and a sponge. For more stubborn stains, a dab of concentrated detergent can be effective. Always wipe the table down afterwards with a clean cloth. It is important to note that you should avoid using ammonia-based products, as ammonia can break down the painted effect. 

Ensure that you are careful when cleaning your tabletop, and the gas fire is not lit, as some cleaning products can be extremely flammable.

Do not place extremely hot or cold products directly onto the surface. A trivet or placemat should be used.

4. Light It Up

Now it’s time to fire up the fire pit. Making sure the ignitor is working properly is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of firepit table care. You should know where the spark electrodes are on the burners and are able to see if there is a good spark to ignite the gas before you turn it on. Always make sure all control knobs are in the off position and any burner covers are removed and the burner is open before attempting to ignite your fire.

5. Ensure Your Fire Pit Is Covered When Not Used

Always make sure, when the firepit is not in use, that the firepit bowl is covered using the stainless steel hood. 

2-years manufacturer’s warranty – please read the warranty details carefully