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Weber® SmokeFire Wood Pellet Grill Smoker 36 (23511074)

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Product Description


Take your favourite recipe outside, because everything that can be cooked, will taste better barbecued. With its 95-315°C temperature range, SmokeFire is a true All-in-One barbecue that has the versatility to sear steak as well as it smokes brisket, bakes cakes, and everything in between. And with Weber Connect, perfecting any dish has never been easier. It’s a step-by-step grilling assistant, built into the barbecue, that sends notifications on everything from when it’s time to 'flip-&-serve,' to a food readiness countdown.

• Sears as well as it smokes with a 95-315°C temperature range.
• Weber porcelain-enamel finish helps prevent rusting and cracking.
• Large 6,370cm² of dual cooking space.
• DC powered engine, specially designed to prevent auger jams.
• Designed to distribute even heat across the cooking area.

Weber SmokeFire Pellet Smoker Dimensions

Lid Open - 157cm(h) x 140cm(w) x 84cm(d)
Lid Closed - 119cm(h) x 140cm(w) x 84cm(d)

Even heat distribution: The hopper is situated at the centre rear of the machine, a special auger feeds the wood pellets to a burn pot in the centre of the BBQ so that heat is distributed evenly throughout the BBQ. 

No more jamming: With the new position of the hopper, a long auger is not required. Instead there is a short auger which reduces the opportunity for jamming. This shorter auger is powered with a DC motor which features a reverse gear - pellets can be removed easily from the auger if required (old pellets if left inside an auger for long periods of time could become damp and swell). The auger is also angled for a gravity feed with pellets falling directly into the burn pot. 

All these features combine to produce a system that does not jam. There is even an easy release on the back of the hopper so when you’re finished cooking you can remove all the excess pellets for storage (no need to try and scoop them out by hand).

A full hopper will provide 10-14 hours of consistent low temperature which is ample for smoking a generous brisket. 

No more ashy food: Unlike a conventional pellet smoker where the fan is positioned at the base of the smoker, here it is placed higher. This will prevent excess ash circulating around the inside of the smoker and coating your food in an unpleasant residue. Ash will instead fall onto the charcoal grate (situated below the fan) for safe disposal.

Innovative ignition system: The heating element consists of a robust glow plug (the type you’d ordinarily find in the automotive industry) and a fan. This produces an ignition system that is as clever as it is efficient, starting with a gentle heat which increases rapidly by incrementally pulling in more wood pellets and speeding up the fan to boost air flow as required to reach the desired temperature. The Weber Smokefire takes a mere 10-15 minutes to heat up. You can even be set up for smoking and then transition to a roaring hot grilling temperature in just 8 minutes.

Restaurant quality grilling: This pellet BBQ will do what many competitor’s pellet smokers can’t – get hot enough for proper char lines. This is achieved in part with a burn pot which has been totally redesigned from the classic box style to a vortex shape which when combined with a powerful electric fan will throw out serious heat. When lit we think it looks just like a roaring jet engine, very impressive! 

The Weber Smokefire is limited at a massive 315 degrees Celsius (600F). A heat that many conventional BBQs would even struggle to reach. 

Restaurant quality steaks are easy with the Weber Smokefire as inside this grill you’ll find Heavy-Duty stainless-steel cooking grates. These offer you the perfect surface for smoking, roasting and grilling too. 

These robust grates are fitted with the Gourmet BBQ System. You can remove a part of the grate and fit a wide range of accessories which include the pizza stone, griddle and poultry roaster. Such a versatile design that’s boasts the functionality for cooking whatever you fancy - whether you want to smoke a huge brisket for 14 hours, roast a chicken, cook a pizza or simply grill the perfect Steak. 

Generous capacity: The small version has the same cooking area as a Weber Spirit 3 burner gas grill. Truly the best of all worlds. The smokefire is a smoker, a grill and an oven too.

Flavour from wood: Wood pellets (made in the US) will be available in three varieties – Hickory (the quintessential BBQ flavour), Oak and a special Grill Academy blend. Weber wood pellets consist of 60% recycled untreated alder wood which is chosen for sustainability and flavour.

Ease of cleaning: We think this is probably the most “low maintenance” smoker ever created. Fat from your food is funnelled via their patented flavorizer bars into a removable and disposable foil drip pan. This is unique. Typically, fat drips down and simply pools at the base of a pellet smoker, this grease coats the base of your smoker and combines with ash to form a horrible thick sludge, often only partially funnelled out into an bucket which hangs on the side of the smoker – a very inefficient system indeed.

Built to last: The high Weber standards that you find on all of their BBQs are found here too. A typical non weber BBQ is often constructed using steel with a high carbon content (prone to rust), this cheap steel is then painted and as you know – paint will eventually chip/flake off (it weathers poorly). Weber use high quality low carbon content steel which is then Porcelain Enamelled – this makes it easy to clean and much more robust. This is the same process they use for the Weber Kettle BBQ lids and bowls. 

Failproof results: The Weber Smokefire is equipped with the new Weber Connect technology, an integrated smart hub that syncs up with your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. This incredible new system features some seriously sophisticated software. (Please note the Weber Connect App is only supported by the latest version of iOS and Android devices. For example, manufactures such as Huawei and Xiaomi are not supported by this App as they do not run of the latest version of Android)

It understands the temperature inside your grill and will instruct you on a wide range of dishes; how long to cook a brisket and even when to flip the steak. The technology will guide you through the entire process for perfect results every time. It will even notify you when the wood pellets are running low!


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