Weber Adapter Kit (8482)

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If you have bought one of Weber's portable barbeques such as a Weber Q-1200 or a Traveler that run on portable gas canisters this handy accessory will give you the ability to convert your BBQ to work on a larger gas bottle. Simply screw into the valve which is already used to connect the disposable gas canisters which the Q1000, Q1200, Go Anywhere Gas or Traveler is equipped to be run on when they are delivered.

Fits: Q 100/1000 series, Traveler, Go-Anywhere gas barbecue and Performer Deluxe charcoal barbecue

PLEASE NOTE: When fitting the adapter hose and regulator use washing-up liquid around the valve to ensure it is tight and no gas is escaping


  • 90 cm hose length
  • For use in Great Britain and Ireland
  • Instruction guide included


24.13CM H X 7.94CM W X 19.37CM D